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Pregnancy massage
MYSTICAL MOMMY MASSAGE My favourite treatment by far. i love helping moms connect with the little ones, often in todays world moms dont have time to relax and just be with the baba’s. I do a reflexology treatment in the beginning to help moms relax get into the body and then a lymph drainage to help with the swelling followed by deep neck and shoulder treatment. I then help the moms roll on her side to get to her back. I find the treatments are so beneficial to help the moms relax which helps the mom carry the baby full term, helps with blood pressure, anxiety and general well being

Post pregnancy massage
Also known as the MYSTICAL MOMMY MASSAGE being a mom of three I know the demands little ones put on us. I find my treatments work wonders for those breast feeding shoulders, I use an oil blend which helps with the milk supply,post natal depression and can help relieve mastitis. I do a deep lymph drainage helps with excess water retention from the pregnancy and can help the start of weight lose. I find the treatment amazing for post natal depression and just gives you that pick me up from all those late nights. I also help moms lose the post baby weight I help recommend with diet and nutrition, I also work with a incredable yoga teacher who comes to the moms home.