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What do I do? I often describe my work as a body treatment with a touch of magic. My treatments are very deep physically, emotionally and spiritually, they involve hot stones, acupressure, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, colour therapy, energy balancing and love. I incorporate all the senses in my work…I use warm lighting and candlelight for sight, calm and moving music for sound, aromatherapy steam for smell, blended water with fruity flavour for taste and a warm room, deep massage, hot stones and warm towels for touch.

My main aim with my work is to help people to find a sense of balance within themselves, I help people to get a sense of where they are at in their lives. For example if they are burnt out, dealing with a stressful situation in their life or if their body is just tired and needing a good deep massage.

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My treatments are very deep physically, emotionally and spiritually…


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